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GraceSoft and its CEO have contributed their expertise to industry conferences and publications.



Gideon Stanley, CEO and founder of Grace Software, Inc. designed his first reservation system in 1993. Before starting the company, Gideon pursued an MBA in Software Design and rose quickly to a management position in one of the top ten software development companies. Committed to providing "user friendly" applications, Gideon authors the Technology Trends column in the B&B Journal. Gideon Stanley enjoys engaging attendees and communicates with passion about the juncture between technology tools and management success.

Gideon's commentaries on reservation systems and technology trends can also be found in the following national publications:
j2 Starting and
Running a B&B

By Stewart Whyte
So…You Want To Be 
An innkeeper

by Mary E. Davies,Pat
Hardy, Jo Ann M. Bell
and Susan Brown

InnTech News


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